Saturday, April 29, 2017

HMS WARRIOR, Historic Dockyards Portsmouth Uk

HMS Warrior Geoff W. Sutton 2017

HMS Warrior 1860 is a restored mid-nineteenth century warship designed to compete with progress in the French fleet. It is the first Royal Navy ship with an iron hull and a symbol of pride in Queen Victoria's fleet.

The ship was powerered by both sail and steam.

The figurehead is modeled after the original.

Some lived in fine quarters.

The tour offers an in depth look at the components of a warship and a glimpse of life on board. The staff answer questions and add to the experience.

Her firepower was greater than any other ships of her era carrying both 25 68-pounders and 10 110-pounders. 

On her first sailing, the crew numbered about 700.

Laundry- Geoff W Sutton 2017

I  consider this a very good experience if you like ships and a bit of history.
There's some climbing.
It is family friendly.
It is a good value when combined with a multi-attraction ticket.

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