Thursday, October 6, 2016

American Museum of Natural History NYC

Filled with quality crafted dioramas, the American Museum of Natural History brings nature's wonders into the city.

We arrived in NYC 5 September 2016. Due to storm Hermine, we arrived a day early with no plans. We were required to disembark for passport control so we decided to take in a museum. It was a pleasant day so we decided to walk the approximately 2.5 miles from Pier 90 on the Hudson (near 50th St) angling east and north past Fordham University and the Met to the Museum, which is on the West side of Central Park at 79th Street.

I've visited the American Museum of Natural History a few times since my childhood but it had been several years. The dioramas and audio-video presentations reveal considerable improvements.

There really are a lot more to see than large mammals but it's hard to get good photos of gems and precious metals in glass cases. So more mammals.

I must say I was impressed with the anthropology room.

By mid-afternoon we had reached our limit but walked back to our ship hotel for the evening meal.

Tips and Notes
Public transportation stops are nearby.
You can purchase tickets online or from automated booths in the lobby area.
It opens at 10:00 daily- closes at 5:45 pm
The museum meals are expensive compared to nearby restaurants.
There are a lot of places to rest and watch videos or just have a long look at an interesting exhibit.
The toilets were clean and well maintained.
Paper maps are available on entry.
We found the staff friendly and helpful.
There's a nice size museum shop with some reasonably priced gift items for people of all ages.
Parking is awfully expensive- check online- but why would you want to drive in Manhattan?


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