Saturday, November 11, 2017

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Natural History museum is one of the best in the Smithsonian group in DC.

We enter into the round court where we are greeted by a large African Elephant, which has been present for years.

We are impressed by the Ocean gallery where there are many exhibits from ancient fossils to recent discoveries. Fish and other sea inhabitants range from the microscopic to the massive whales.

The mammal hall houses a collection that has been present for years.

The human origins hall provides an interesting overview of human evolution and interactive "cave video" presentations.

One special exhibit featured wildlife photography.

Other galleries contain butterflies and other insects, birds, and a few dinosaurs (the dinosaur and fossil hall will re-open in 2019).

Some displays are hard to view because of the low light or glare from the placement of lights and reflections off the enclosed exhibits.

The museum stores have reasonable prices.

Food and drinks are available in food services. There are several restaurants a little north of the museum.

Food and drink were not permitted in the museum galleries (except for water) when we visited.

Check the website for current hours and other information like changing exhibits.

Museum website

Here’s a few places to see along with some photos and links to information.

Monuments and Memorials


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