Sunday, November 12, 2017

National Museum of American History Smithsonian

The museum provides an overview of American History with a focus on the colonial period to the present. Stories, lifesize scenarios, videos, artifacts, and interactive exhibits make history come alive. It is easy to spend two days at the museum just to peruse the available exhibits.

George Washington's camp gear

Slave Ship

Abraham Lincoln Bronze from Face Mask

Market Scene

Several Displays Document Segregation

School Bus

From the Vietnam War Exhibit

All in the Family TV 1970

Example of Changes in Technology

Democracy in Action

Visibility- some displays are poorly lit making it difficult to view objects or read the posted information. Some displays are difficult to appreciate due to lighting that produces a glare.

Food service- available in museum- no food and drinks permitted in the museum; Cheaper eats at nearby restaurants

Shops- various gifts and souvenirs

Restrooms- available and maintained

Photography- mostly permitted, some exceptions posted; sometimes difficult to capture objects even without flash

Website- helpful information including hours, policies, maps

Here’s a few places to see along with some photos and links to information.

Monuments and Memorials


And here’s my webpage

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