Sunday, November 12, 2017

National Gallery of Art USA

Buffalo Trail/ Bierstadt, 1869

The National Gallery (Washington DC) is definitely worth a visit. The variety of works include paintings, sculptures, sketches, and furniture. Most  of the works are in galleries on two floors.

Diana of the Tower/ Saint-Gaudens

High Chest 18th Century

At the time of our visit in 2017, most works were by American and Western European artists.

Washington Family / Savage, 1790-96

Many works illustrate biblical scenes.

Last Supper / Dali, 1955

The Miraculous Draft of Fishes / Bassano, 1545

Friendliness- a few staff were friendly but many were austere
Food Service- available. An attractive Garden CafĂ© is expensive. No food and drink may be brought in to the Gallery.
Special exhibits vary
There is an outdoor sculpture garden
Photography is permitted with some exceptions.
WIFI available
Museum store has reasonable prices
Website is helpful for directions and more details:

Here’s a few places to see along with some photos and links to information.

Monuments and Memorials


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