Saturday, November 11, 2017

National Air and Space Museum

The Air and Space Museum in Washington DC is clearly a family favorite as people of all ages walked or ran about the museum in search of interesting exhibits.

The size of the planes, rockets, and space vehicles is overwhelming.

In addition to the gigantic vehicles, there are stories about the people who invented, flew, and served in various ways.

Many exhibits provide introductory science lessons.

There are many interactive exhibits, which appealed to the children and youth during in our visit.

Both civil aviation and military planes are on display.

It was helpful to see examples of air and spacecraft from other countries represented.

The museum is free.

There is a security check on entry.

No food and drink were permitted at the time of our 2017 visit (except water).

There are food trucks on the South Side of the museum as an alternative to eating in the museum.

There are several restrooms and places to sit.

See the website for more details

Here’s a few places to see along with some photos and links to information.

Monuments and Memorials


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