World War II Remembered Understanding WWII by Travel


World War II Remembered

Understanding WWII by Travel

Each September I am remined of the Second World War. The war began 1 September 1939 and ended 2 September 1945 thus it lasted 6 years and 1 day.

This page contains links to places that tell the story of World War II. I will update the page as I visit other locations around the world.


I was born in London, England. For me, World War II is personal because my parents, grandparents, and most of my family lived through the war in London or wherever they were sent to defend my homeland. And World War II partly explains why I live in America and not England.

We lived in a house where my mother was trapped in a closet beneath the stairs when a nearby German bomb blast shattered windows and buckled the floor. During my childhood, World War II was an historic family marker—family events were told in terms of “before the war” or “after the war.”

After the US entered the war, an American soldier and one of my mother’s sisters fell in love. They married at a London church near in England.  My aunt joined him in America and, a decade later, my American uncle sponsored us when my parents decided to emigrate.


United Kingdom

Imperial War Museum, London England World War II commands considerable space in the history of British wars.

Imperial War Museum North - Manchester

HMS Belfast, River Thames, London, England

Churchill War Rooms, London, England

Bletchley Park, England Discover the role of British and allied intelligence efforts to break enemy codes.

Castletown D-Day Centre, Portland, England - Interactive Museum of the Dockyard where Americans embarked for Normandy

Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, Cambridge England

Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth, England See stories of the British Navy at war.

Royal Army Museum, London, England Learn the history of the British Army.

Royal Air Force Museum, London, England See the planes that fought in the Battle of Britain and note the tribute to the United States Air Force.

European Continent

D-Day Overview and Timeline


Pegasus Bridge, Benouville, Normandy, France

Utah Beach Normandy, France

Sainte-Mère-Église, Normandy, France

Pointe du Hoc, Normandy, France

The Battle of Merville Gun Battery

Grand Bunker Museum, Ouistreham, Normandy, France

Hungary: Shoes on the Danube Memorial, Budapest


United States

The United States officially entered World War II following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941. The US led the allies in defeating the Axis of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

World War II Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana.

This massive complex tells the story of America at War in Europe and the Pacific in large buildings full of artefacts and audio-visual presentations.

           The Road to Berlin

           The Road to Tokyo

           D-Day at the World War II Museum

           Boeing Center at the World War II Museum

World War II Memorial, Washington, DC

Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington, DC

Truman Library and Museum, Independence Missouri

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