Monday, January 8, 2018

World War II Museum Part I

Enter the outstanding  National WW II Museum via the Lousiana Memorial Pavilion. After purchasing your tickets (I bought the two-day ticket with 4D experience), head over to the Train Car.

Inside the train car you get ready to ship off to war following a brief film. Then head upstairs for the D-Day (or other) exhibits. I found the D-Day Exhibit well-organized and informative with plenty of artifacts.

Based on my selected 4-D Film Experience admission time, I walked across the covered bridge to the next building to enter the Solomon Victory Theater. I got a center seat with a good view of the large screen. The film, Beyond All Aboundaries, narrated by Tom Hanks, is a dramatic overview of WWII enhanced with multiple visual layers, stage props, simulated snowfall, and rumbling seats. It's a worthwhile addition to the entry fee. Below is a trailer from YouTube.

I returned to the main entry building to review the Home Front exhibit. You will see various scenes from 1940s America along with artifacts.

In between scheduled events, I walked around the large vehicles on the main floor.

There's more to see in other buildings, which I will include in separate posts.

Perspective: This is an American Museum, which focuses on the American forces. That said, the people of the USA contributed so many lives and resources to defeating Germany, Japan, and Italy thus, any story of the war would need to emphasize the role of the USA.

The focus is primarily on the military accomplishments. The contributions of other Americans are acknowledged along with some of the dishonorable aspects such as the treatment of African Americans and Japanese Americans.

Fees: The Museum is NOT free. The tickets are pricey for a museum but I think the experience is worth paying for.

Food: There is a cafe near the Solomon Victory Theater. Prices are expensive as in many museums. There are a variety of restaurants within walking distance.

Times: See the website for details. The museums are open most days. When I visited, the hours were 9 to 5. I spent most of two days at the museums but took a leisurely lunch nearby.

Parking & Transportation: There is parking nearby. I stayed at a nearby hotel and just walked to the museum. Public transportation is available.

Location: 945 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130 USA


D-Day Exhibit



World War II Memorial Washington DC


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