Thursday, December 27, 2018

Thiepval Memorial Visitor Centre and Museum France

The Thiepval Memorial commemorates over 72,000 British and South African men reported missing in the Somme. The memorial is the largest Commonwealth war memorial in the world and stands 45 metres high. The names of the missing are engraved on the wall.

The first day of the battle was the worst day in British military history with some 20,000 killed by German machine guns within a few hours.

The nearby Thiepval Visitor Centre (2004) and museum tell the story of the Battle of the Somme which began 1 July 1916 following six days of artillery bombardment of the German positions. The British sufferred enormous losses in the Somme battle which continued until November. The French troops had moved to defend against a German attack at Verdun.

The new museum was opened 2 June 2016 and is adjacent to the Visitor Centre.

Artefacts offer glimpses of life and death on the battlefield. We look down on these exhibits as we walk through the museum.

At the end of the exhibits is a full size replica of Guynemer's figher plane of August 1916.

In addition to a history of World War I with a focus on the Somme, the museum contains a cafeteria and store.

There is no charge for the Visitor Centre but there is a fee for the museum. Access to the memorial is free. There is a picnic area nearby.

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