Saturday, July 28, 2018

WALES St Fagans National Museum of History

Our visit to St Fagans was an enjoyable day out. We boarded a bus in Cardiff, which stopped near the visitor's centre.

We followed the path around the grounds of St Fagans Castle and gardens and stopped in most buildings, which follow a path through the history of Wales from past centuries to the present.

The farm is one early stop.

The country castle-mansion is interesting inside and out.

A restored medieval church includes a lot of artwork.

There are several small shops where you can purchase food and drink.

There's a variety of cottages and more recent houses.

Entry was free when we visited in June 2018
There's places for picnics and a play area for children.
There's a gift shop and cafĂ©.
It's open most days- check the website
There's onsite parking for a fee.

Here's links to my YouTube slideshow of St Fagans. First is a quick 1 minute trip

This is a slower slideshow giving a broader sample of St Fagans museum.

Here's a link to my YouTube Playlist for Wales

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