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Bridge over River Dee, Chester / G Sutton 2018

On our recent holiday in the UK, my wife suggested we re-visit Chester--I'm glad she did. There's a sort of timelessness as you walk amongst the restored "black and white" shops, tour an old cathedral, enjoy an ice cream by the river Dee, or stroll along ancient sandstone walls.

We arrived by rail from Euston station, London and stayed in a hotel near the ornate 1768 East Gate-- less than a mile from the railway station. The 1899 clock atop the gate comemorates Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee.

East Gate, Chester/ G Sutton

On our first day, we walked about Grosvenor Park, stopping for photos and enjoying the scenery. The small railway looks like a fun ride for children.

Grosvenor Park, Chester / G Sutton 2018

Railway at Grosvenor Park, Chester / G Sutton 2018

Caught this bird near Grosvenor Park

We crossed the River Dee on two bridges and ambled about the picturesque city storing one image after another lest we forget.

Here's a video of the calm waters of the river Dee from a different bridge.

Here's an example of the "black and white" architechture--a hallmark of Chester architecture. The buildings are part of a 19th century Tudor Revival.

We listened to street entertainers and enjoyed fish n' chips at one of the local pubs. Some entertainers were quite good.

Here's a video clip from the a street musician.

Some pretty good Fish 'n Chips followed by a cuppa.

After fish 'n chips

On the second day we toured Chester Cathedral, examined the Roman finds (link), and circumnavigated the city along the two miles of walls. See my post on the Cathedral for more details of that experience.

Section of the south wall by the river Dee

We enjoyed an outdoors lunch by the old pink and buff colored town hall with a green-grey slate roof and three-sided clock.

Chester Town Hall 1864-1869

And on the third day we visited the Grosvenor museum (link), cruised the River Dee, and enjoyed our surrounds.

BTW--there's lots of spots to eat along the river bank including ubiquitous ice cream stands.

Cruise boats on the River Dee, Chester


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