Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Bletchley Park is a beautiful campus famous for British codebreaking during World War II. It is the place where teams from MI6 and the Government Code and Cypher School performed intelligence work, including breaking the Nazi Enigma cipher system.


Perhaps the most famous person associated with Bletchley was Alan Turing.

On our visit, we read story boards, examined machinery in the museum, participated in an informative tour of the campus, and looked at various buildings with restored rooms depicting various aspects of life at Bletchley during WWII.

When we visited in May 2016, props from the film, Imitation Game, were on display.

There's more to Bletchley than codebreaking- for example, pigeons served an important role in communication.

Plan on spending several hours. You can eat inside or enjoy a picnic lunch amidst beautiful scenery and local residents.

Tickets can be purchased online or onsite.

We obtained a discount using a Days Out Guide booklet available from Euston Station in London. That offer may not be good but you might search for other 2FOR1 offers.

Bletchley is within walking distance of the Bletchley train station. The trip from London can take 45 minutes or so.

You can purchase food and drink in the Coffee Shop at the Visitor Centre. And there is a cafe in Hut 4. Find out more on the website

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