Thursday, May 11, 2017

Carisbrooke Castle A Good Half-Day

Clarisbrooke Castle, Geoff W Sutton 2017
Carisbrooke Castle, like many UK castles, has a long history and was rebuilt more than once. The history includes a place where Charles I was a prisoner. Other Royals were here as well. Much of the history can be learnt at the Museum, a separate entity on the castle grounds.

King Charles I Bedroom at Carisbrooke Castle

Hornbook- Child Reader 400+ years old

There's also a chapel honouring veterans and King Charles I.

And you will find demonstrations of a donkey powered treadmill used to raise water from a well. See the video for a brief clip of the donkey at work. A few donkeys are onsite.

The walls are in good enough condition to walk around the castle, including the Norman keep.

My video from the castle walls.

There are toilets, refreshments, and picnic facilities.

There is a fee for admission. Admission is free to English Heritage members.

See the website for details including other events.

I used public transportation- a bus stops nearby.

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