Saturday, April 29, 2017

Watercress Line- Thomas and Others

Watercress Railway-Alresford Station- Geoff W. Sutton 2017
I visited the Watercress Line at the New Alresford station on a weekend when Thomas the Train was featured. Thomas was ill at first but his pals were active.

Diesel and steam train rides are regularly featured. Check the website for specia days like the Thomas Train Event. As a fan of trains, especially railway history, I think it worth a visit with or without the special events.

For one fee, you can ride the trains all day. See the website for prices. Fees on special event days were higher. But, there were many activities for children to enjoy.

There are places for picnics and opportunities to purchase refreshments.

I arrived by bus from Winchester. I noticed a lot of parking spaces, which were filled due to the special event.

Toilets are available but only a few people can be accommodated at one time.

Gift shops feature a variety of train-themed toys.

Although I began at New Alresford, there are other stations along the route to Alton.

Visit the website for details:

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