Saturday, March 25, 2017


The Toy Museum in Branson Missouri claimed it's the world's largest toy museum so we took a look.

In 2017, they advertised having over 1 Million toys. Considering their display cases from floor to ceiling, that seems believable. If you enjoy looking at toys from several decades past, you'll probably enjoy the visit. We are glad we went.

As you might guess, most toys are American but I did find a few British items reminding me of my childhood soldiers.

I'm not sure if the collection favors traditional toys for boys more than girls. There were many dolls from several decades and doll houses too. Even Alf shared his display. And my wife found a Dale Evans lunch box and thermos like the one she took to school.

I expected to see trains but the collection is small. An interesting diorama shows an attic scene.

One of the unique collections is a room full of Draughts aka checkers. There's a few tables where you can sit and play a game.

Tips and Notes

Cost: It is not cheap. We paid $18.92 each, which includes 11.6% tax. Look for discounts at visitor's centers.  Online ticket link.

It is family friendly. There are several areas where children can build things and draw.

Photography: Photography is permitted. The lighting and glass cases make it difficult to get some clear shots even without flash.

The Gift Shop has affordable toys and did not seem overpriced to us. We picked up some items for our grandchildren.

Parking- there seemed to be ample parking but we were there before the heavy season.

Location- It is on the busy route 76 near 376. Directions.

Restrooms- they appeared clean and well-stocked.

Religiosity- The collections include a wide range of toys that do not overtly link to any religion. Like many places in Branson, there are references to Christianity- in this case some Christian-themed toys, games, and signs.

Staff- all we met were friendly.

Website- There's a great introduction to the collection on the website, which may be worth a visit before you go.

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