Friday, February 3, 2017

Fatehpur Sikri India

Fatehpur Sikri (City of Victory) was bulit by Mughal emperor Akbar in the 16th century. It is located west of Agra and includes monuments and places of worship. It was the capital of the Mughal empire between 1569 and 1585. Unfortunately, it was abandoned because of a lack of adequate water.

A close look reveals detailed artistic work especially visible in the hall where official business was conducted.

Throne pillar

Several buildings housed the emperor's women- he was said to have as many as 5,000 wives and other women (e.g., their maidservants) in his harem. Women were accumulated from those kings and nobles he defeated. Other women were gifts.

One structure was likely home to a favorite wife, Sultana Ruqayya Begum and contains beautiful artwork in the wall panels.

Panchmahal, wind catcher, a place to keep cool. It is connected to the harem on the third floor.

Here's a picture of part of the outdoor Parchesis game board.

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