Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bergen Norway

Bergen, Norway is a clean, colorful, port framed by mountains and water. The rich colors of many buildings draw attention to their architecture and stimulate thoughts of children's stories.

After arriving by ship, we walked a short distance to the center of Norway's second largest city, we walked through a fish market, which also sold inviting fruits and vegetables. Close to the market is a tourist center with free WIFI.

A local item of interest is the brown cheese featured below.

Part of the attractiveness are the shops along the waterfront. The quaint shops and restaurants of the Bryggen (Hanseatic Wharf) link the city to the Viking Age some 900 years ago.

You can ride a tram to the top of the nearby mountain (Floyen).

--or walk up like we did.

-- to enjoy fantastic views of Bergen

There are historic places as well including St Mary's Church and the Bergen Museum.

We found the people friendly and helpful. Most of the people in the shops spoke English. Credit cards were widely accepted--even for small purchases.

The local currency is the Norwegian krone or crown.



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